Vernacular Architecture

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Asia has a rich history of architectural forms, from the austere simplicity of Japan to the ornate Islamic shapes of Saudi Arabia; from plain peasant quarters to luxurious mansions. There is something here to please any eye.


Tokyo Vernacular:
Common Spaces, Local Histories, Found Objects

by Jordan Sand, 2013


Architecture of Bali:
A Sourcebook of Traditional and Modern Forms

by Made Wijaya, 2011



Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts (Spatial Habitus: Making and Meaning in Asia's Architecture)
by Jeffrey W. Cody, 2011


Vanishing Tradition: Architecture and Carpentry of the Dong Minority of China
by Yanxin Cai, 2011

Asian Influenced Architecture & Design
by E. Ashley Rooney, 2010

The Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia
by Roxana Waterson, 2010


The Glory of the Sultans: Islamic Architecture in India 1100-1880,
by Yves Porter, Gerard Degeorge, 2009


Japanese Architecture:
A Short History

by A. L. Sadler, 2009


Don't Tear It Down!
Preserving the Earthquake Resistant Vernacular Architecture of Kashmir

by Randolph Langenbach, 2009

Classic Thai:
by Chami Jotisalikorn, Phuthorn Bhumadhon, Virginia McKeen Di Crocco, 2007

The Secret Spirit of Korean Architecture
by Kim Bongryol, 2007


Vanishing Tradition: Architecture and Carpentry of the Dong Minority
by Klaus Zwerger, 2006


Yurts: Living in the Round
by Becky Kemery, 2006

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Architecture of Thailand
by Nithi Sthapitanonda, Brian Mertens, 2006


Architecture and its Models in SE Asia
by Jacques Dumarcay, 2006



Building the Japanese House Today
by Len Brackett, 2005


Chinese Architecture: A Pictorial History
by Liang Ssu-ch'eng, 2005


And Guide Shanghai: Architecture And Design
by Christian Datz , Christof Kullmann, 2005


Constituting Unity And Difference: Vernacular Architecture In A Minangkabau Village
by Marcel Vellinga, 2005


Introduction to Indian Architecture
by Bindia Thapar, Surat Kumar Manto, Suparna Bhalla, 2005


Indonesian Houses: Tradition and Transformtion in Vernacular Architecture
by Reimar Schefold, 2004


Asian Interior Design
by Jaume J. Nasple, Kyoko Asakura, 2003


Muslim Architecture
of South India

by Mehrda Shokoohy, 2003


Yin Yu Tang: The Architecture and Daily Life of a Chinese House
by Nancy Berliner, 2003


Introduction to Balinese Architecture
by Julian Davison, 2003


Tropical Style: Contemporary Dream Houses in Malaysia
by Gillian Beal, Jacob Termansen, 2003


Introduction to Japanese Architecture
by Michiko Young , David Young , Tan Hong Yew, 2003


Japanese Country Style: Putting New Life into Old Houses
by Yoshihiro Takishita, 2002


Chinese Architecture
by Fu Xinian, et al, 2002


Island Style: Tropical Dream Houses in Indonesia
by Gillian Beal, Jacob Termansen, 2002


Burmese Design and Architecture
by Johni Falconer, 2001

Monuments of Central Asia: A Guide to the Archaeology, Art and Architecture of Turkestan
by Edgar Knobloch, 2001


Stones in the Sand: The Architecture of Rajasthan
by Giles Tillotson, 2001


Islamic Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent
by Bianca Maria Alfieri, 2000


Ancient Chinese Architecture Series, Vernacular Dwellings


China's Old Dwellings
by Ronald G. Knapp, 2000


At Home in Bali
by Made Wijaya, 2000






The Japanese House: Architecture and Interiors by Alexandra Black, 2000

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Hanoak : Traditional Korean Homes


Asian Elements: Natural Balance in Eastern Design
by Jane Edwards, 1999


The Traditional Architecture of Saudi Arabia
by Geoffrey King, 1998


The Architecture of Southeast Asia Through Travellers' Eyes by Roxana Waterson , 1998


Traditional Buildings of India
by Ilay Cooper, 1998


The Tropical Asian House
by Robert Powell, 1998



The New Asian Architecture: Vernacular Traditions and Contemporary Style
by William S. W. Lim, Tan Hock Beng, 1998.


Tropical Asian Style
by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, 1998


The New Asian Architecture: Vernacular Traditions and Contemporary Style
by William S. W. Lim, Tan Hock Beng, 1998


The Inner Harmony of the Japanese House
by Atsushi Ueda, 1998


What is Japanese Architecture?: A Survey of Traditional Japanese Architecture
by Kazuo Nishi , Kazuo Hozumi, 1997


Himalayan Architecture
by Ronald M. Bernier, 1997


Bali Style
by Barbara Walker, 1996


Studies in Persian Art and Architecture
by Bernard O'Kane, 1995



Architecture of Mughal India
by Catherine B. Asher, 1992


Measure and Construction of the Japanese House
by Heino Engel, 1985



www.newpaltz.edu An extensive list of links related to Asian vernacular architecture, and a description of several books by the author.

vernarch.com The Centre for Vernacular Architecture has been designing and executing various vernacular architectural projects in South India. Their architectural practice promotes the use of locally available materials, traditional building techniques, culturally and climatically relevant building design.

yurtinfo.org A very thorough and informative site devoted entirely to yurts, including their history, design, and how to build or buy them.

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