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Earth Architecture
November 8 - January 24
Ghana, Africa

Immersion in local vernacular architecture and culture of the Ashanti Region. Learn how to use local methods and materials, learninjg from vernacular architecture and traditional practices. Participate and build, experiencing and learning from local knowledge.

See noctdesignspace.com for more information.

Earthbag Dome Building Course
January 4 - 12, 2015

During these 7 days, we are going to build an earthbag dome from start to finish. This workshop will cover all aspects of Dome construction. Earthbag Building is also known as flexible-formed-earth and superadobe.
See www.evolotecture.com.

Earthbag Construction Techniques
January 26 - February 6
Bisbee, Arizona

Earth bag construction techniques, Continuous and individual bags, Exterior wall insulation, Stucco netting exterior walls, Strapping down roof framing plating, Pouring front face footings, Lay and pour blocks.

See earthandsun.org for more information.

Volunteer on Earthbag build in Nepal
Construction Phase
February - March, 2015

We are a New Zealand registered charity providing quality early childhood and school support projects in rural Nepal. Our projects have been so successful that we now want to offer training to as many teachers as possible. Therefore, we are constructing an earth bag build Teacher Training Centre in our project area, 3 hours north of Kathmandu in 2014/15. Fundraising is well under way for the project and we hope to be able to start on schedule.

We are looking for volunteers interested in getting involved in this very special project. We require volunteers with the following experience: Experienced earth bag builders especially people who have constructed in Asia before; Keen volunteers with some knowledge of earth bag building.

For more information see www.greatadventures-nepal.com or email Lauren Palliser: greatadventuresATfirststepshimalaya.org

Earthbag Construction Techniques (Continued)
February 16 - February 27
Bisbee, Arizona

Earth bag construction techniques, Building and setting window and door bucks, Building continuous header over front face, Install roof trusses, Plaster exterior walls.

See earthandsun.org for more information.

Earthbag Construction Techniques (Continued)
March 8 - March 20
Bisbee, Arizona

Earth bag construction techniques, Vapor barrier ceiling, Blow in insulation, Sheath roof, Adobe plaster inside.

See earthandsun.org for more information.

Chiang Dao Natural Building Workshop
March 10 - 20, 2015

We will learn how to build a roundhouse with a dome roof, using rice-husk bags, bamboo, earth and other local materials. We will not be using any electrical tools. After the workshop, you will be able to go off and build one for yourself!

The workshop will be from 10th – 20th March, arrival on 9th March, with one day off in the middle. The cost of the workshop is 10,000 Baht ($307US). There is shared room accommodation available in roundhouses and 3 meals will be provided for a total of 2000 Baht. A non-refundable deposit of 2000 Baht will confirm your place on the workshop. The balance is due 2 weeks before the start of the workshop.

There are places for only 10 people, so please let me know if you are interested and I will book you a place. Have a look at the website and blog, addresses below, and you will have a very good idea of what you will be experiencing hands-on at the workshop. I am happy to answer any questions.

Chiang Dao Roundhouses

Earthbag Ecovillage
April 20 - 30, 2015
Negril, Jamaica

Our budding ecovillage is the location for this course, where there are already several mostly completed Earthbag buildings. You will learn the skills needed to plan and finish your own buildings out of earth, rocks, and wood. Learn the art of masonry dome building with Earthbags. We will construct an 8 ft earthbag dome in this course. Study concepts of bio-architecture like whole-systems design, water, power, thermal mass climate control, and passive solar heat collection. Practice drawing methods to help you design structures with these features. Experience finishing techniques in earthen plaster, cement, and lime. Your tuition gets you: Lectures, hands-on instruction, tour of the area, ground transport, meals, and camping. Enjoy seeing a slice of Jamaica on a couple incredible field trips. We will visit beautiful swimming and diving location on the seaboard, swimming spots along streams, and pass through nearby farms and towns. Permaculture and alternative technology topics will also be highlighted. Mostly a hands-on course, also including slideshows, lectures, and fun field trips.

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

The Regenerative Home
May 16 - 23, 2015
La Garita, Colorado

This is a special workshop that will give you an inside view into the making of this futuristic home from it's inception. We will focus on systems primarily, such as grey/blackwater usage, indoor and vertical food gardening, masonry heaters, off grid electrical and plumbing, rainwater catchment, and more. We will also cover other topics like how to build with earthen materials, designing woodless architecture, passive annual heat storage, passive solar construction, off grid construction, and permaculture site planning. Shared meals and camping by a beautiful stream. Stay tuned for our indiegogo fundraiser that will help complete the prototype!

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Everything Earthen
June 20 - 27
Deer Island, Oregon

Experience Cob and so much more at our new location in Oregon, just 1 hour from Portland city center. This course is an in-depth overview of how to source, process, mix, and transform common earth materials into fantastically beautiful artwork and housing. You'll learn how to create walls from cob/adobe, wattle and daub, rammed earth, straw clay, wood chip clay, strawbales, and more. Learn to mix and apply plasters of cob/adobe, cement, and lime. Also discover mixing and application of earthen paints and lime paints. Hands-on instruction, lectures and slides.

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

See On-Going Workshops for more listings.


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