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Invitation to all volunteers interested in gaining some free earth bag building experience in creating a 10 foot diameter meditation round house that will be sunken in 3 feet in Temecula, CA 92592 after the Cal-Earth workshop during the week of September 19th to 26th. We are located 90 miles or about 2 hours away from Cal-Earth in Hesperia, CA and if you are interested in working with a sand/clay mixture instead of stabilized soil with cement, this is the opportunity to do so. Also, 18"x30" sandbags will be used most likely with the possibility of some sandbag tubing. This requires less people involved in case you want to try this method vs the Cal Earth tubing method when you build your own structures.

This will take place in a rural setting on 5 acres. Accommodations will be available in a 3 bedroom manufactured home, and depending on the number of people, there is additional room for camping or staying in an enclosed gazebo, a covered greenhouse for the outdoors type. Nights are cool and mild. All healthy meals will be provided for. And for those that really want to be under the stars, there can be camping (your own tents) on a raw, pristine 20 acre property in Aguanga, CA about 1 hour away from the house. We are 15 minutes away from the numerous wineries here and about 25 minutes from 2 large casinos, Pachanga and Pala Casinos. To help you relax and unwind, free acupuncture treatments available to all, as we are acupuncturists by profession. If interested call me, Helen, at (951) 764-2626 or email me at: maydayehATpeoplepc.com


Making and Applying Your Own Natural Finish Plasters
October 22 - 23
Peterborough, Canada

You can make your own natural finish plasters to bring the beauty and benefits of natural building to any home, whether renovating a single room or building a new home. These homemade clay and lime plasters can be applied on any typical wall surface, including drywall (painted or new) and plasters or masonry of all kinds. The plasters are made from easily obtainable, affordable natural materials and can be mixed and applied at home in a vast range of colours and textures.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Hempcrete Workshop
October 29
Peterborough, Canada

Come and discover how a simple mix of natural materials can create a remarkable thermal insulation! Hempcrete (or hemp-lime) construction uses chopped hemp hurd (the woody core of the hemp plant) mixed with hydraulic lime to create an insulation material with excellent thermal, moisture-handling and structural properties. In this workshop, participants will learn about the components of hempcrete, see a slideshow of various Canadian and international hempcrete building projects, and gain an understanding of how, why and where hempcrete is an appropriate material choice. In the classroom, we will look at the costs, sourcing and building science of using hempcrete on new building projects and renovations.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Light Clay/Straw Workshop
October 30
Peterborough, Canada

Come and discover how a simple mix of low-cost natural materials can create a remarkable thermal insulation! Light clay/straw (or slip straw or straw/clay) construction uses straw mixed with clay slip to create an insulation material with good thermal, moisture-handling and structural properties. In this workshop, participants will learn about the components of straw/clay, see a slideshow of various Canadian and international straw/clay building projects, and gain an understanding of how, why and where straw/clay is an appropriate material choice. In the classroom, we will look at the costs, sourcing and building science of using straw/clay on new building projects and renovations.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Design Your Own Sustainable Home
November 5 - 6
Peterborough, Canada

The dream of designing and building one’s own home is one of the most deeply held desires in our culture. The dream of designing and building a sustainable home marries that desire with a wish to live lightly (and affordably!) on the planet. However, many questions face the prospective owner-builder setting out on this journey. To design yourself or hire a designer? To build yourself, or hire builders for different phases? How to choose from a myriad of competing natural building materials? How to choose heating options, water and waste options, electricity options? How to manage budgets and timelines? How to choose a piece of land? This workshop will explore all of these questions in an in-depth way.

The workshop is designed to be an un-biased look at all the options available to the prospective owner-builder, and to assist you with tools to help you assess and choose your way to the house of your dreams. You will leave this workshop ready to handle all the competing claims and information you will face by focusing on your personal goals and aspirations and creating a road map for how best to meet them.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Earthbag and Amazing Roof Workshop
November 5 - 6
Bastrop, Texas

Strong earthbag walls open up an exciting world of roofing options. Sexy Walls deserve Sexy Roofs like...

  • living roofs
  • reciprocating roofs
  • steam bent shingles
  • earthbag domes
  • barrel tile
  • thatch and more......

Come learn to lay courses of an earthbag round house and actually frame 2 roof options; a reciprocating roof and a hip roof! A well built roof is a sexy roof and thick earthen walls give you the opportunity to explore so many more options than conventional building

You will get to play with framing up a reciprocal roof and attach it to a circular top plate. You will see demonstrations of insulation like straw, cellulose, and even mushroom. You'll also get a primer about how to determine the cost, time, skill, labor and accessibility of the materials? We'll discuss, look at samples and even build some of these roofing options, from practical with excellent performance, to whimsical and classic. We will cover 'best practices' for attaching a roof to an earthen structure and the most efficient and accessible green ​insulation options.  You'll come away with an understanding of the prices, practices and labor to help you determine which is a sensible option for your project .... or where you might be able to splurge a little to get the house of your dreams.

Join us for this fun weekend getting dirty and learning...
-to lay earthbag top courses with deadmen sleepers
-options of roofing an earthen structure
-to install top plates
-study the critical point of joining a roof to an earthen structure
-demonstrate the installation of a living roof
-framing a reciprocal roof and a hip roof
-appropriate green insulations
-basic natural plastering

Read more and register at:

Straw Bale Building Workshop
November 18 - 20
Peterborough, Canada

Straw bale building continues to be one of the key sustainable building technologies, where high environmental performance meets code-ready and accessible technology. Straw bales can create beautiful, energy-efficient homes that are light on the environment. This two-day workshop (plus Friday evening slideshow) is taught by two leading practitioners of straw bale building in Ontario, and is aimed at giving participants a practical and up-to-date introduction to building with straw bales.

Over the three days, participants will learn about straw and how to find and select bales; different ways of using straw bales and incorporating them into different framing systems; how to properly detail a straw bale wall to be air tight and energy efficient; plaster preparation; plaster recipes for various types of plaster, and; hands-on plastering.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Rocket Mass Heater Workshop
December 3 - 4
Peterborough, Canada

Learn how to make your own high efficiency wood heating device for your own home! A Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) is a super-efficient wood-fired heating system composed of two parts: Part One is a rocket stove, consisting of a feed tube, burn tunnel and heat riser;Part Two is the mass chimney, through which hot exhaust gases from the rocket stove are ducted into a thermal heat storage made of masonry materials like cob, stone, urbanite or brick.  All of the heat that goes up the chimney with a conventional wood stove is saved and stored in a Rocket Mass Heater.  The heated up Mass can radiate heat for up to 48hrs or longer after the fire is out. A RMH can also incorporate a cooking surface and an oven, and can be finished to become a beautiful centrepiece in a home.

For more information see endeavourcentre.org

Timber Frame Construction
January 18 - January 27, 2017
Mastatal, Costa Rica

Rancho Mastatal is offering a 10 day course where participants will gain skills to build a structure utilizing the square rule method of timber framing which results in mortise and tenon joinery secured by handmade wooden pegs instead of nails.

See ranchomastatal.com for more information.

Introduction to Cob and Natural Building
April 10 - 15, 2017
Maricopa, California

Cob building combines clay sediment, sand, fiber, and water, and is hand sculpted to form walls, benches, ovens, and fireplaces. Cob building makes use of readily available, affordable, non-toxic materials to build beautiful, organic structures. 

The course is appropriate for both first-time builders and for professionals in the building trade who are interested in natural materials. In this cob workshop, we focus on the characteristics of the natural materials most commonly used in construction: clay soil, sand, and fibers. Our main focus will be cob, though we will touch on various other building techniques that utilize the same materials, including adobe block, light straw-clay, wattle and daub, and plasters. We will discuss how to find and choose appropriate soil for construction, how to create various mixes, how to attach wood to earthen walls, and how to use earthen materials to build walls, sculpt niches, shelves, and furniture.

See www.quailsprings.org for more information.

See On-Going Workshops for more listings.


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