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July 26 - September 19
Asheville, NC

An 8-week program with top notch instructors based in Asheville, NC. Starting with the NBX (see above), you will go on to deepen your understanding of how to design and create strong building systems, plus receive closely-guided, hands-on instruction through projects, workshops, classes, presentations and field trips. The NBS is for people who want to make a life (or a significant building project) using clay, sand, straw and wood. You will also learn about some new and salvaged modern/conventional materials.

See www.ashevillage.org for more information.

Superadobe Earth Dome Workshop
August 23 - 29
Pontestura, Italy

Vide Terra organizes a 7 days superadobe workshop during which we will build a 1.8m (6feet) internal diameter earth dome with a door and a window opening. The course will be held in English and Italian. The trainers will guide you in the construction of the dome and will share the practical and theoretical knowledge they gained during months of apprenticeship at the Cal-Earth Institute.

More info: Vide Terra.org

Hemp Building Course
September 6 - 8
Bellvue, Colorado

A unique chance to learn skills from International Hemp Building expert Stevee Allin. Theory, and Hands on experience. Industrial hemp is a dynamically functional plant that for millennia has been utilized for everything from paper to textiles and from body products to biofuel. A hemp-based mixture known as hemcrete is now being touted as a high-performance alternative to traditional building and insulation materials. This course will cover a short history of industrial hemp and its current status in the United States and other countries. Participants will learn the advantages of building with hemp as well as current hemcrete construction methodologies. Hands-on practical application will include forming or shuttering, mixing and casting the material within a framed structure, as well as finishing with plasters and coloring. Students will come away with enough knowledge to pursue a hemp building project of their own. Proceeds from this class will support the efforts of the Hemp Industries Association.

See www.thehia.org for more information.

Eco Cob building workshop
September 6 - 9
Strathpeffer, Highlands, Scotland

4 day Cob building workshop in Scottish Highlands building a round camping pod. Accommodation available in chalets or camping or touring caravans.

Cost :£250 per person Venue : Riverside campsite Tel: +44 (0)1463 513599 Web : www.lochness-chalets.co.uk Email; contactATlochness-chalets.co.uk

Building Concrete Footings Workshop
September 4 - 5
Salt Spring Island, BC

Learn to build high quality insulated rammed earth walls like a pro. You will learn foundation construction in preparation for the followinrg workshops.

Taught by Clifton Schooley, a highly experienced RE builder

See rammedearth.info for more information.

Insulated Rammed Earth Workshop
September 8 - 13; 15 - 20
Salt Spring Island, BC

Learn to build high quality insulated rammed earth walls like a pro. You will learn:

Foundation construction
Material Selection
Mix quality control
Installation of electrical boxes and conduits
Insulated rammed earth methods
Wall and sample testing
Curing & sealing walls
Skid steer operation basics (Bobcat)

Taught by Clifton Schooley, a highly experienced RE builder

See rammedearth.info for more information.

Earthbag Dome Building
October 1 - 9
Negril, Jamaica

Our budding ecovillage in Negril, Jamaica is the location for this course, where there are already two partially completed Earthbag buildings. You will learn skills needed to plan and finish your own buildings out of earth, rocks, and wood. Learn the art of masonry dome building with Hyperadobe Earthbags. We will construct an 8 ft earthbag dome in this course. Study concepts of bio-architecture like whole-systems design, water, power, thermal mass climate control, and passive solar heat collection. Practice simple drawing methods to help you design structures with these features. Experience finishing techniques like earthen plasters, cement, and lime. Your tuition gets you: Lectures, hands-on instruction, tour of the area, ground transport, meals, and camping. Enjoy seeing a slice of Jamaica on a couple incredible field trips. We will visit beautiful swimming and diving location on the seaboard, swimming spots along streams, and pass through nearby farms and towns. Permaculture and alternative technology topics will also be highlighted. Mostly a hands-on course, also including slideshows, lectures, and fun field trips.

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Earthbag Dome Building Course
October 11 - 19

During these 7 days, we are going to build an earthbag dome from start to finish. This workshop will cover all aspects of dome construction. Earthbag building is also known as flexible-formed-earth and superadobe.
See www.evolotecture.com.

Hempcrete Workshop
November 1 - 2

Peterborough, ON, Canada

Endeavour is very excited to be hosting Tom Woolley, one of the pioneers of hemp lime construction in the UK and Europe for this hands-on workshop about hemp lime (or hempcrete) construction. The workshop will consist of short talks on the theory and practice of building with hemp, exploring its use with timber frame construction, casting and spraying walls, its use as a renovation solution, for floors, roofs and other possibilities. Tom will bring some films of hemp construction and details of resources such as books, web sites and other information. Participants will build some panels of hemp walling to get hands on experience of mixing materials, casting and finishing .

See endeavourcentre.org for more information.

Earth Architecture
November 8 - January 24
Ghana, Africa

Immersion in local vernacular architecture and culture of the Ashanti Region. Learn how to use local methods and materials, learninjg from vernacular architecture and traditional practices. Participate and build, experiencing and learning from local knowledge.

See noctdesignspace.com for more information.

Earthbag Dome Building Course
January 4 - 12, 2015

During these 7 days, we are going to build an earthbag dome from start to finish. This workshop will cover all aspects of Dome construction. Earthbag Building is also known as flexible-formed-earth and superadobe.
See www.evolotecture.com.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, VT has ongoing natural building courses throughout the year. All classes can be found at: www.yestermorrow.org Here are some recurrent shorter classes:

Timberframing (6 Days)

Students will learn the fundamentals of designing and constructing a timberframe using mortise and tenon joinery. Layout techniques, tool use and sharpening, and joinery cutting methods are taught as we work on a small timberframe project. We will also touch on frame design, joinery choices, and integration of frame and house design. This course will focus on traditional hand-cut joinery and tools and will also demonstrate some of the power tools used by modern timberframers.

Natural Paints and Finishes (2 Days)

This course will teach you how to create and apply beautiful hand finished plasters and paints on many wall surfaces. The course will cover at a basic level three principle plaster and paint mediums: clay, lime, and gypsum, and finish with plaster coats, paints, and washes of clay, lime, casein, wheat paste, mica, pigments, and other natural ingredients. Emphasis will be given on learning the working properties of the materials and developing critical thinking skills to apply the knowledge in real-world situations, rather than on specific recipes for specific conditions.

Natural Design/Build (12 Days)

This course provides students with a comprehensive exploration of all facets of creating an energy efficient, climate-specific natural structure. In the studio, students will develop a comprehensive design of a project through the creation of drawings of elevations, sections, plans, and scale models. In the shop, students will build a variety of insulative wall systems, examining critical details such as doors and windows, wall to roof connections, air sealing, framing options, plastering, and much more. Topics include straw bale construction, fiber-clay infill and other natural wall systems, clay and lime plasters, natural roof options, alternative foundations, water and energy conservation systems, permaculture and building-site relationships, and social and cultural contexts.

Strawbale Design/Build (5 Days)

Have you always wondered about strawbale construction? Heard it is only for hot and dry climates? Think again! With their combination of insulation and thermal mass, plastered strawbale walls can be perfect for cold - and even wet - climates if they are designed and built according to a set of time tested principles. This course balances sessions in the classroom and on a demonstration project so you will learn to think your way through a bale house while gaining a feel for the nature of straw, clay and lime as building materials.

Solar Energy International provides hands-on training on many aspects of solar electric installations and natural building. Visit  www.solarenergy.org to see what they offer.

Classes and Workshops offered by Eco Versity

The EcoVersity was founded in 1999 by a launch team of educators, ecologists, anthropologists, and activists who gathered to design a school for students seeking innovative and practical approaches to learning from the land. In 2001 the school acquired 13 acres for a campus, centrally located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and began offering Spring, Summer and Fall continuing education programs. Check www.ecoversity.org for more information.

bluerockstation.com of Ohio sponsors many wonderful workshops related to skills for building earthships.
cobworkshops.org lists many workshops featuring cob in North America.
lowimpact.org the Low-Impact Linging Initiative in England provides information and courses related to such topics as: eco-paints, lime, rammed earth building, strawbale building, solar electricity, solar hot water, wind generators, wood stoves, beekeeping, poultry, organic gardening, wild food, compost toilets, rain water harvesting, biodiesel, etc.
concise-courses.com lists energy conferences around the world that relate to Green Building, HERS, BPI, LEED and RESNET.


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