This page relates to the reason for much of what is proposed at greenhomebuilding.com: to maintain a healthy environment for all of us inhabitants of planet earth. It doesn't take much observation to notice that our environment has been taking a tremendous hit over the last couple of centuries. Whole ecosystems have disappeared, along with the species that comprised them. We have been fouling our nest with our greed and disregard for the consequences of our actions. Many scientists believe that we have gone beyond the possibility of remediation, while others feel that if we change our ways of living, there is still a chance of reversing the trend toward degradation. I am optimistic that we can consciously evolve a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and ourselves.

Primamundi.com is a global network of committed citizens representing a wide cross sector of activism and interests uniting to heal our world. You are invited to become a part of this growing network by submitting your information to be listed in our resource directory.

Climate Change:
The Facts

by J. Abbot and J.S. Armstrong, 2015

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Climate Change:
What Everyone Needs to Know

by Joseph Romm, 2015

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This Chnages Everything:
Capitalism vs. The Climate

by Naomi Klein, 2015

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The Sixth Extinction:
An Unnatural History

by Elizabeth Kolbert, 2015

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Global Warming:
The Complete Briefing

by John Houghton, 2015

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The Climate Casino:
Risk, Uncertainty,
and Economics for a
Warming World

by William D. Nordhaus, 2015

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How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering
the Planet

by Ugo Randers, 2014 

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Global Warming
by Seymour Simon, 2013

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The Human Cost
of Climate Change

by Andrew T. Guzman, 2013

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Climate-Challenged Society
by John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaar, 2013

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A Short Introduction to Climate Change
Tony Eggleton, 2012

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Visualizing Climate Change: A Guide to Visual Communication of Climate Change and Developing Local Solutions
Stephen R.J. Sheppard, 2012

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Climate and Conservation: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning,
and Action

edited by
Jodi A. Hilty, Charles C. Chester and Molly S. Cross, 2012

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The Global Warming Reader: A Century of Writing About Climate Change
Bill McKibben, 2012

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The Great Disruption: Why the Climate Crisis Will Bring On the End of Shopping and the Birth of a New World
by Paul Gilding, 2012

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Climate Change:
A Groundwork Guide

Shelley Tanaka, 2012

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Two Degrees:
The Built Environment and Our Changing Climate

Alisdair McGregor, Cole Roberts and Fiona Cousins, 2012

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High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis
by John Englander, 2012

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The Climate Challenge:
101 Solutions
to Global Warming

by Guy Dauncey, 2009

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Climate Change:
Simple Things You Can Do
to Make a Difference

by Amanda Cuthbert, Jon Clift, 2009 

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Ecological Design
by Sim Van Der Ryn; Stuart Cowan, 2007

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Extreme Weather
Hits Home:
Protecting Your Buildings
from Climate Change

by John Banta,2007

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Limits to Growth:
The 30-Year Update

by Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers, 2004  

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theenvironmentsite.org list lots of forums related to environmental awareness.

planetdrum.org the original voice of the Bioregional movement, a well organized and informative site.

pewclimate.org up to date news about climate changes.

epa.gov The Environmental Protection Agency's very informative site about many environmental issues.

naturalstep.org a science-based approach to organizational planning for sustainability.

rmi.org Rocky Mountain Institute's site focuses on Energy, Water, Climate, Architecture, Transportation, etc.

grist.org Grist Magazine provides environmental news and commentary.

savebiogems.org politically active site of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

eelink.net links to environmental educational resources on the internet.

earth911.org "Making Every Day Earth Day"

greenandsave.com This site features a "return of investment" table for the employment of various green measures in your life.

green.wikia.com learn more about current emissions problems, global warming, environmental politics and other environmental challenges.

agci.org the Aspen Global Change Institute is dedicated to furthering the understanding of  earth systems and global environmental change.

disc.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov the Amateur Guide for Air Quality Testing

Links to the Ask the Experts page

Sim Van der Ryn is a recognized pioneer and expert in sustainable architecture and planning practices. Through his varied experience as principal of several design firms, Professor of Architecture at the University of California Berkeley and California State Architect, he has provided countless examples of state-of-the art ecological design and has been a catalyst toward the current ground swell of interest and support for these practices. As President and Chief Designer at Van der Ryn Architects in Sausalito, he is currently designing a new generation of environmentally friendly buildings. The American Institute of Architecture designated his Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, California as one of the nation's top 10 projects for Earth Day 1999. His current design for the West End Golden Gate Park Pavilion Community Center is the pilot project for the City of San Francisco's Green Building Program. Van der Ryn is author of several seminal books in the fast growing field of "green architecture" including Sustainable Communities (Sierra Club, 1986), Ecological Design (with Stuart Cowan, Island Press, 1996) and Geometry of Hope (manuscript, 2002).


Q: What is improved environmental quality and why is the environment so important for building houses?

A: (Kelly) The environment is important because this refers to the air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the eco-systems that all living organisms must live in, including us people. If the environment is not safeguarded (and improved from its current status) then we are all in big trouble as a species. The choices that we make regarding our housing can affect the quality of our environment.

Q: I would like to know how green building and environmental planning are related to each other, I mean how they can be effectively used to help save the environment, and if its not much of a hassle is it possible to supply me with a few examples.

A: (Kelly) Sustainable architecture has got to be part any any environmental planning because the built environment has such a huge impact on the natural environment. It is only through careful design and materials use can we expect to reverse trends of environmental degradation. A lot of this has to do with how we obtain and use energy, and since it is possible to create a net zero energy home, this should be our goal.

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