SEEKING REMOTE BUILDERS FOR OFF THE GRID ROCKY MOUNTAIN BUILD T.V. SHOW Orion Entertainment is now casting remote builders from the Rocky Mountain region for a new “building off the grid” show. We'll follow each step of the process of building a remote mountain cabin from the challenges of getting materials to the remote site (by horse, ATV or helicopter, etc.), dealing with unpredictable weather and wildlife, and taking on the geographical obstacles of the build site itself. We'll see the highs and lows of each build as our builder/contractors work against the clock during the abbreviated build season the snowy Rocky Mountain region demands. Behind the remote mountain cabins are the intrepid builders who represent the toughness and tenacity that is the hallmark to living off the grid. The ability to adapt, improvise, and persevere in the face of remarkable challenges will make all viewers appreciate what it takes to own a hunting or fishing getaway in the middle of nowhere. If you have an extreme, remote, Rocky Mountain build, we want to hear from you! Please contact Kelly McLear at 720-259-1547 as soon as possible as casting for builders is going on now. Please send the following information to: kmclearATorionentertainment.com Please provide us with the following information: NAME: BRIEF BIO & WEBSITE: PLEASE SEND A PHOTO OF YOURSELF AND CREW: LOCATION OF BUILD: TYPE OF STRUCTURE/DESIGN OF HOUSE/STYLE (log cabin, a frame, hunting cabin, square footage, stories, etc): HOW MANY CREW MEMBERS ON THE BUILD AT ANY GIVEN TIME? (Please provide names if available, jobs/duties, and brief bio if possible – how do they all work together as a crew?) MAJOR HURDLES OF THE BUILD? (Weather, terrain, remoteness, supplies, have to live out at the site for X amount of weeks, animals, etc): TRANSPORTATION EXPECTATIONS OF MATERIALS AND CREW? (helicopters, big trucks, snowmachines, horses, ATVs) WHO ARE THE OWNERS OF THE HOME AND WHAT ARE THEIR EXPECTATIONS? WHAT IS YOUR WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM? BUDGET FOR THE BUILD? ANY ADDITIONAL FEATURES FOR THE HOME? (Sauna, green energy, boat dock?) SPECIALTY SUB-CONTRACTORS YOU’LL HAVE TO BRING IN? (Plumbing, electrical, roofers, etc?): ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE BUILD?


Casting Notice: A major network is looking for people that have recently started living off the grid. Please email your name, phone number, location, a paragraph of why you decided to start living off the grid along with some family photos and photos of your home to andrewhechtcastingATgmail.com


Who learns skills for free? Interns who assist aid organizations. Learn and serve in the US only or here and overseas as well. Build Simple Inc. offers free training in construction and design of geo-textile buildings like earthbag and straw wattle or techniques like Ubuntu-blox that use agricultural waste or plastic trash.

Two weeks of training near Albuquerque, NM is being scheduled for early July, with repeat dates in September. Help BSI to advance building knowledge about alternative techniques while you learn. Builders, photographers, building designers, and service team leaders can all contribute needed skills. Engineers and engineering students are especially needed to test structures- ask about donating a day or getting involved in an ongoing study.

After training, go to your aid project, or connect with one of BSI's partners. Interns are needed to spend a few weeks to a few months working with aid organizations in Haiti, Thailand, or other parts of the world. Tell simple_earth what aid groups you're working with and when, to see how we can help you.

Patti Stouter
Build Simple Inc.
Sustainable Inexpensive Building Design, Training and Testing
12 Juniper Road, Placitas NM 87043
ph: 505-312-7163


I want to provide highly efficient homes equipped with solar power, water filtration, and small scale self sustaining farming practices to anyone I can with a low quality of living. I plan to do this through donations of both manpower/supplies and money. I want to lead a movement to make a difference in the lives of those who can't control the circumstances of their current economic status. www.gofundme.com is the website I'm using currently to manage donations. It has my mission statement along with my Facebook information to show that yes, I am a real person, yes, I'm just a regular guy that is truly trying to make a difference, and no I'm not trying to make a quick buck. I'm planning on this taking years to come to fruition and any help you could offer would be extremely appreciated. Thank you, Mike Shores.


Team member/volunteers wanted! We are building domes around the world for eco villages - and resorts, disaster relief projects and individuals. Can offer both internship/apprenticeship programs and volunteers are very welcome. For more information, visit our website at www.evolotecture.com.


FOX TV CHALLENGES PARTICIPANTS TO CREATE A PERFECT “UTOPIA,” IN BOLD NEW UNSCRIPTED SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. Can a perfect world be created? UTOPIA is an unscripted series that moves a group of everyday people to an isolated, undeveloped location – for an entire year – and challenges them to create their own civilization. ”The series offers people from all walks of life the chance to start all over again and re-write the rules of civilization as we know it. It addresses fascinating and fundamental questions about human law, morality and social structures, wrapped in an irresistible and truly forward-thinking television format.”

With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these “pioneers” must draw on their own ideals and everything they know about societies around the world, to create a new one...will it be better? As the Utopians build the new society, every decision counts. Each must try to become indispensable to the group or risk being exiled to their regular lives and replaced by potential newcomers who have been vying to join.

If you would like to become part of this experiment contact Suzanne Gilreath at suzanneATtheconlincompany.com


I own 5 acres in Loganville, GA. Zoned residential, could be changed I reckon. Possible objective: turn those acres into 3 150' lots for a small community or play with local government later for more homes. 99% pine. One idea is remove trees across back for pasture and agriculture. Upside to location is county water and all that. Close to Atlanta and Athens. No need for SUV's. So I have a grander vision but I'm ill now and not young and just want a house on my property already. It would be great for my son. I think he'd really get into it. 9-11 responder mom here and it wiped me out. My DIY days are over except maybe for jarring and table stuff. I mention the community idea in case you know anybody. I'm thinking gardens/farm/car share/common toolshed; goats; I'm open. Stretch the Zoning... Feel free to share.

Email: fleamistressATgmail.com


We have 40 acres of land in Winslow Arizona. Wondering if anyone would like to build a natural home and live for free on it. The land is just outside of Winslow, near the painted desert and a short drive to lakes and forest. The land has a well dug but someone stole the pump and we don't have the resources to fix it. My mom would live in her trailer there. She is a hippy in her 70s. She loves to keep to herself, garden, rock hound,create art and read and write. She doesn't have a vehicle so the only payment for this opportunity would be to take her into town once a week for groceries or a doctor visit here and there. Any ideas or questions are welcome...Creative offers are also welcomed..such as owning a portion of the land if you help build an additional cob structure for my mom....Jenny jrodominiqueATyahoo.com


I want to build either an earthbag or a cordwood home, but need help. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer, even with advice, tips etc., I would greatly appreciate it. I have no income, although that may change, but can share my organic garden, food, place to camp etc. I live in rural WV. Any questions or suggestions please email Joyce Bowie joyce57bowieATyahoo.com


I wish to create and build a small community with the vision of self Sustainable Harmonic Farming and Biodynamic Farming incorporating our living with Earth Bag Domes. I would love to be in contact with people who have successfully created this type of lifestyle. I have so far studied Permaculture, Biodynamic Farming, Organic Living Homes, Compost Toilets and Grey Water, Solar Power, Hydro Power, and Wind Power, Solar Water Heaters, etc. I now want to put everything I have studied into action. what I am not educated on is Basic Plumbing, Electricians, and wiring of alternative power sources, Batteries and basic maintenance. I am hoping to meet people with this knowledge and hopefully they join in this. I have a vision of using all recycled product, whatever I can salvage. Our ecovillage will consist of many diverse building techniques like cob wood, adobe, mud purging, building with 2 liter soda bottles, tires, pallets etc... I now live in Nipissing, Ontario and am implementing my original plan to co-create a Permaculture CO-OP here. My name is Laurie Young-Atwell, laurieyaATgmail.com and taoofdomesticationATgmail.com


Within the next 5 years I would like to create a development of homes all built out of earthbags. I feel the more we have of this in the US, the more research is done, then the more homes we can build for poor people in 3rd world countries. I need an engineer with experience on this matter so we can get project approved by the county, and an experienced individual with earthbag construction to assist us with a workshop so we can construct the first home. I do have a budget for this, and we can talk about options for compensation. I'm a Civil Engineering student at Florida State University.

Camilo Giraldo: myemeraldcoastATgmail.com


I am interested in building a biodynamic sustainable agriculture farm with sustainable energy, building, water, or anything else, in an AFFORDABLE way. I live in a very polluted country and want to make a model farm. Any help with how to go about this would be appreciated.

Shaikha Ali A Al Misnad
+ 974 44860303
+974 55616661
Doha, State Of Qatar


I am looking for a team of experts in earthbag building to be part of a project. Our charity has been offered land in Sri Lanka to build a sustainable orphanage for 50 orphaned children from the last tsunami.

Christine LE NAHEDIC, Trustee Founder ALALA; www.alala.org.uk; infoATalala.org.uk


I wish to demolish an old mud house that is currently used by workers at my mother's farm to construct a dome where one worker can stay. This is in Kiko Town, about 50km from Fort Portal town in western Uganda. I do not have all the technical ability especially to make the dome round and ensure it does not fall in. I have talked to a few friends who will accompany me in December to help with the construction and the learning. We need someone in Uganda who would volunteer their time and efforts to help. I also believe that it will provide a good avenue for people in the local village to learn about simple, flexible, and quick construction in the process.

Nolbert Muhumuza
P.O. Box 40127, Nakawa
Mobile: +256-776-346724
Skype: nolbertm


I need financial support so that I could be able to produce ISSB bricks on mass production in Uganda and teach the community how to make them. With support of $3000 I would be able to run this project off the ground and to create awareness. These ISSB bricks are cost effective, environmentally friendly and do not require much skilled labor except when building foundation, they are bigger in size than the normal traditional burnt bricks. A small contained house with bathroom and kitchen could cost about 2000 bricks compared to 3000 traditional burnt bricks excluding cement, sand, water and extra cost of labor involved. I have been advocating via local media in Uganda to embrace this kind of construction using ISSB. On the other hand, by supporting buying ISSB you will be creating more jobs whereas changing the trend of construction to protect the environment. If you have any questions, you can reach me at 647-710-1497 or the local contact 256-772-421235 for further assistance. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Joe Kawoya Kasumba: jkmATjkasumbas.com


My family and I are starting to build a four bedroom earthbag home. We will be working on it for months if we do not have any volunteers. We have free camping and meals for volunters that help us either with building or just guidence. We have a pool to cool off in during the hot part of the day. We live on a farm, 110 acres, and we do not have any building codes. We do not have any experience so we need someone that does, although those who don't are welcome also and we will learn together. Right now we are living in a two bedroom mobile home, which is very crowded. We have three small children ages 6, 3 and 1. My parents, brother and sister will also be helping. We are not asking for it to be built for us, just help! We live in Thayer, Mo right on the Missouri-Arkansas line.
Thanks, Melinda and Jeremy Wilson: sunshine0507AThotmail.com


I'm teaching a free class at the Muckleshoot Tribal College in Auburn, Washington, on natural building. I'm seeking sponsors and sources to donate small amounts of materials like lime, straw, clay and urbanite. Would your organization or others you know of be interested in supporting this learning opportunity? Please email me with questions.
Todd Shwayder: tshwayderATantioch.edu


Let's create the Regenerative Home. With this proposal, we are raising funds to showcase technologies for homes that are ecological, affordable, and appropriate for these times. We will build the second prototype this summer in Colorado (earlier version shown in the intro video). Throughout the construction we will document in film and photography. The building plans will be available this year online for $10. Plus, in a subsequent fundraising effort next year, we will assemble an online documentary film about the process so others can learn from and recreate these ideas.

See www.indiegogo.com for more information.


I recently moved from Europe to Chile, my wife is Chilean, to work as a teacher for the German and English language. We were lucky to obtain a stunning property at the shoreline of Lake Llanquihue with views to the volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco. My wife is setting up a small B&B while we are living in a typical Patagonian farmhouse. Now, that we are planning to expand our capacities a little, I started looking into building methods and processes which are overall totally new for me. Around here wood is still by far extent the most used material so at first I also thought about building sort of wooden cabañas. Nevertheless after digging deep into the Internet and especially reading through your material I am absolutely sure that we have to head for a more future-oriented and sustainable solution namely earthbag building - not only to stand out but also to hopefully set an example in the region.

I wondered if you know any contacts or projects that could make use of this undertaking to conduct a workshop, a documentary or something similar. We have possibilities of hosting persons and feeding them as well as creating a high quality media footage about it. A project like this in this part of the world is both needed and for sure quite interesting.

Michael Schwark: michael.schwarkATgooglemail.com
B&B Bordemundo, Camino a Ensenada, km 3, Puerto Varas, Region Los Lagos, Chile


I am a disabled person building a home for my family 25 miles from St Johns on a natural rural landscape. I only mention the disablement because I need help. The home is around 470 sq ft at the base. I need to complete the project by winter for my family (Oct). I can offer meals, enlightening conversation and instruction in alternative fuels, energy, housing & food production. I am an inventor and have patents in some of these areas. Please email contact info to sosmybizATgmail.com Noah


The Bonita Domes Project is located in Joshua Tree, CA. Three opprotunites to partiticpate in Earthbag Building. Internship, Volunteer, Community Build day. This Triple Dome earth bag stucture is owned by owner/builders and Cal-Earth alumni Lisa Starr and Gabriel and has been permitted by the county of San Bernardino. Volunteer and Intern postions are open to extended stay through the end of May. We are in the last phase to close the domes and are currently seeking volunteers and there is one intern postion available.

Community Build Day scheduled for April 8th, 2012 The work day will begin at 9am and end around 4 in the afternoon. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in a “typical work day” on a building site and work on this home in progress. Plan on getting your hands “earthy!

Send inquiries and RSVP to bonitadomesATatt.net Visit www.bonitadomes.com to veiw pictures and keep posted our progress.

Can you come to California and help a poor man build a sand bag home? I am a homeless veteran and I need help but I do not have money. I have the land. It would look good on a builder resume to put one up in my area. Andre: andrehATcomcast.net



Permaculture and Natural Building Internship Opportunity, Puerto Rico

Plenitud Iniciativas is a non-profit organization based in Las Marias, Puerto Rico, and focused on research, demonstration, and educational outreach in permaculture and sustainable practices.  We would like to invite anyone to contact us interested in participating in a Earthbag Building Internship this summer, fall and/or winter.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in gaining hands-on experience with earthbag building and  permaculture practices.  We will be working on two earthbag building projects: one in our teaching center at Las Marias and another at Maunabo- a fishing beach community.  The upcoming constructions will be synthesizing different materials such as: bamboo, cement, earthbag, and metallic roofs.

Experience with building and/or organic farming would be great, but not required. Visit our web page for more information about our organization and our activities: www.plenitudpr.org
Please call or email us if you are interested or have any questions.

Email: pplenitudATgmail.com
Phone: 787-806-7094
Project Contact: Owen Ingley

Help  Available

I'm currently traveling around Asia and I'm extremely keen to find a bio-construction/sandbag building project that I may be able to volunteer my time to. I live in Mozambique and see a desperate need for such construction to be implemented there, and would relish the opportunity to learn and experience building such homes, and to be able to take this back to Africa and start something there. Dave Charley: d_charleyATyahoo.com


Looking for projects in Colorado. I'm about to move to Colorado and am interested in helping out on any alternative building projects in the area. I have quite a bit of experience with earthbag and superadobe construction as well as knowledge of several other construction methods. You can check out some of my work and designs on my website, www.mayawk.com Please get in touch if you have or know of any projects that might be of interest. mayawkATgmail.com


I am an eager young university graduate from Ohio who is desperately trying to find a way into this business. Not only am I enthralled by the well-being green/earthen homes provide for residents and the environment, I also love construction, working with my hands, and finding new ways to solve big problems creatively. For months I have been trying to contact companies who are involved in the construction process of building unique green homes but have been largely unsuccessful. My goal is to take up an apprenticeship and learn the trade so that one day I too have the skills to build homes like these. If you know anyone who is in need of assistance or an extra hand please let me know. Thank you, Kyle Kent: kentkyle4ATgmail.com


EXPERIENCED EARTHSHIP/PASSIVE SOLAR BUILDER, Available for travel. Hello, My name is Joseph Gyovai. I am offering my service as an experienced builder in the experimental building field. I have extensive experience with Earthships having worked for Earthship Biotecture for five years, and building my own passive solar/experimental home for the last ten years. I do have some experience with earthbags, I believe they are a great system for rammed earth, and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

I am located in Taos New Mexico, and I am available for travel (for pay) to anywhere in the world. I am thirty one years of age and of good health, have ample strength, energy, and enthusiasm. My building experience thorough, from form to finish, and I also offer a wealth of experience in woodworking, having owned and operated a custom cabinet
making shop for five years, and have done quite a bit of sculpting as well. I have a wealth of tools for the trade, as well as a truck and camper for travel within the states.

I am open to all types of natural building, passive solar, and experimental construction you may be in need of assistance with. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you would like to see photos of my work, at windblownwoodATgmail.com


We are a traveling couple seeking earthbag building opportunities anywhere within the U.S., but especially in or around Washington, Oregon, and California. If you or someone you know of could use two very friendly and enthusiastic workers on a current or upcoming project, we would love to be a part of your earthbag building process! We are self-contained in our camper van and, therefor, will not necessarily be requesting any room and board. All we wish to receive in exchange for our labor is the learning experience itself.

We are additionally interested in opportunities to work with any of the following… traditional rammed earth; underground shelter; earthship construction; rocket mass heating systems; gravity-fed water filtration systems; root cellar construction…and may even be open to helping with other types of natural building
projects as well. Any help or guidance will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Chaya & Aiden (951)526-5203 theroaringinsideherATriseup.net or ghostmetropolisATriseup.net


I live and work in the Netherlands and am feeling really inspired after seeing Garbage Warrior and a few other documentaries on cob building. And so I am looking for an opportunity to get to learn more hands-on from people with experience and heart. I am really interested in spending a couple of weeks to a month working on an eco-friendly house and learning from people with experience in that area. I have building skills having worked with a great many different materials. I would be prepared to make my own way to any location if there was something constructive for me to participate in.I am really most interested in a not-for profit experience learning project. I would prefere working on some sort of community project.

Daniel Waterman Tel. Prive: 0624720549 huasqueroATmac.com


My family is looking for some experience on larger buildings built with cob and we would absolutely LOVE to help build a house. Maybe an ecologically sound habitat for humanity type thing? I'm dying to get my hands dirty in this sort of art, literally. My children are really excited too.

The Potters: nursing34yoATyahoo.com



I want to hire a cob builder to build a simple barn. I do not heat my barn and wish it to be just one level with each stall kind of a store room next to each other - so they can share the internal wall - simple yet fire proof ... as my barn burned down last week. All horses are ok - but now I don't have the luxury of learning how to do this (as I had planned). I have to get the barn up before the snow flies. I have a wonderful guest room with breakfast nook which any builder is welcome to as well as a 7 acre farm where people can camp. Thank you for any help you can give. I don't want to have to buy a ready-built stupid shed thing ... I want a cob barn that is going to last beyond me.

Patricia Lewis: solfireATphoenix-farm.com


I'm looking to build a straw bale townhouse gated community in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I'm looking for someone who is a licensed engineer and builder for straw bale that may be interested in helping me with this project. It will be a 5 phase project over a 5 year period. If someone would be interested in flying here and teaching a crew here during the construction that would be nice too. I have 20 interested buyers for these condos.

Contact Corey Sawchuk: csawchukATyahoo.ca


greenjobsdatabase.com has listings of jobs available in a wide range of green activity, including clean energy, energy efficiency, environmental architecture, green building, green energy analyst, green engineering, LEED jobs, recycling, renewable energy, smart grid, solar, water conservation, weatherization, and wind.

For Sale or Free

I am looking for some one who would be interest in removing and recycling an old brick church building built in the late 1930's and put in use in 1940. The building is in Lancaster, SC, which is less that 25 miles south of Charlotte, NC. Huge amount of red brick and solid oak building material, from roof to basement. There is a good amount of copper wire and very unusual crown molding. We are looking for some one who can recycle the material and not fill up a land fill. Free to a some one with good report.

Bill Newcomb Email: southmetATcomporium.net


Finding Property

www.ListedGreen.com lists green properties for sale.

Man and woman (w/four dogs, trained & socialized by the man writing this ad, who is a former professional K-9 trainer) desire free or inexpensive piece of land in which to build off-grid self-sustainable home and gardens. Access to water located in New Mexico would be ideal. Other offers and climates considered. We have decades of diverse experience with all manner of fixing, building, mechanics, gardening, childcare, caregiving to disabled, office business, writing, typing, editing, homeschooling, domestic homemaking, sewing, animals, teaching, training and more. Will trade our time and labor. We want our own space and freedom. Will work with the community, not feed personal egos and agendas. Serious inquiries only. Peace.

Contact: zo.valentineATgmail.com


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