Strawbale Videos

This New Green House features several strawbale homes in Crestone, Colorado.


Straw Bale House made by Single Mom for $50,000.


An interview with Paul Lacinski, author of "Serious Straw Bale"


Strawbale Building: Debunking the Myths, by StrawBale.com  


Breathable Plaster Exterior for Straw Bale Homes, from BGTV  


Plastering a strawbale house in Utah with earthen plaster  


Some of the Benefits of Strawbale Houses


Houses of Straw: The Rediscovery of Straw Bale Building


Building Strawbale Houses in Sweden , Part 1


Building Strawbale Houses in Sweden , Part 2


Retying Strawbales, with StrawBale.com, Part 1


Some interesting time lapse animation of a strawable wall raising.



This strawbale burn test occurred during the Saturday night show at the "European Strawbale Gathering 07".
It shows:
1) That a normal straw bale will burn!
2) That a 'French dip' straw bale can not burn (bale dipped 5-10 cm in clayslip and dried)
3) That fire tests can be made entertaining and at extreme low cost, though slightly unhealty for the test staff.

Max Vittrup Jensen

nees.unr.edu show with video and text detail an amazing shake table test of a strawbale structure.

youtube.com Last I checked there were 77 videos listed at Youtube about strawbale building!

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