Bamboo is one of the most amazingly versatile and sustainable building materials available. It grows remarkably fast and in a wide range of climates. It is exceedingly strong for its weight and can be used both structurally and as a finish material. The canes are beautiful when exposed and they can be cut in such a way as to be re-combined into useful products such as bamboo flooring. There is a long vernacular tradition to the use of bamboo in structures in many parts of the world, especially in more tropical climates, where it grows into larger diameter canes. One tricky aspect to the use of bamboo is in the joinery; since its strength comes from its integral structure, it cannot be joined with many of the traditional techniques used with wood. This is where the old ways of building with bamboo can be especially informative. I expect that the value of bamboo as a building material will only become more apparent as we move toward a time of wood scarcity and high costs of energy.





Building with Bamboo
By Darrel DeBoer

Post Tsunami Affordable Housing Project: Bamboo Design
by Owen Geiger, Diego Lastres, Daniella Corvetto


with Jo Scheer

Joinery and Shaping of Bamboo
Preservation of Bamboo
Bamboo House Construction
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo as Roofing
Bamboo Pipes
Bamboo Fences




Grow Your Own House
by Simon Velez, 2013



Building with Bamboo
Gernot Minke, 2012


Bamboo Architecture:
In Competition and Exhibition

by Robert Henriksonand David Greenberg, 2011

The Craft & Art of Bamboo, Revised & Updated:
30 Eco-Friendly Projects to Make for Home & Garden

by Carol Stangler, 2009
Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bamboos
by Ted Jordan Meredith, 2009

New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters
by Joe Earle, 2008


Bamboos & Grasses
by DK Publishing, 2007


The Bamboo, Grass & Palm Specialist: The Essential Guide to Selecting, Growing and Propagating Bamboos, Grasses and Palms
by David Squire , Alan Bridgewater, 2007


Farming Bamboo
by Daphne Lewis, Carol Miles, 2007


A Material for Landscape
and Garden Design
by Harry van Trier, 2006


Bamboo Style:
Exteriors, Interiors, Detail

by Angelika Taschen, 2006


Ornamental Bamboos
by David Crompton, 2006


How-to Bamboo:
Simple Instructions And Projects

by Paul N. Hasluck, 2006


Hardy Bamboos:
Taming the Dragon

by Paul Whittaker, 2005


How to Build with Bamboo
by Jo Scheer, 2005


New Bamboo:
Architecture and Design
by Marcelo Villegas, 2003


Bamboo Style
by Gale Beth Goldberg, 2002.


Bamboo for Gardens
by Ted Meredith, 2001


Building Bamboo Fences
by Isao Yoshikawa, 2001


by Christine Recht, Max F. Wetterwald, 2001


Bamboo in Japan
by Nancy Moore Bess, Bibi Wein, 2001.


The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos
by Michael Bell, 2000


Bamboo World
by Victor Cusack, Deirdre Stewart, 2000.


American Bamboos
by Lynn G. Clark, Ximena Londono, Margaret J. Stern, Emmet J. Judziewicz, 1999


The Bamboo Handbook
by Durnford L Dart, 1999


The Bamboos of the World
by D. Ohrnberger, 1999


Building with Bamboo: A Handbook
by Jules J.A. Janssen, 1995


The Book of Bamboo:
A Comprehensive Guide to This Remakable Plant, Its Uses, and Its History
by David Farrelly, 1995.



bambooliving.com has a wealth of information about building homes and resorts with bamboo.

deboerarchitects.com this architectural firm has a nice page on the use of bamboo around the world.

youtube.com video about "Bamboolean" Architecture in Ethiopia.

youtube.com a demonstration of splitting bamboo; youtube.com the erection of bamboo scoffolding.

bamboocraft.net Bamboo Arts and Craft Network - information and resources on the arts and craft of growing, using, working with and enjoying bamboo, includes forums and lists of workshops.

americanbamboo.org The American Bamboo Society is primarily a horticultural organization, but our members have a general interest in promoting all of the uses of bamboo.

buildinggreen.com an article about bamboo flooring.

networkearth.org Bamboo Architecture and Construction with Oscar Hidalgo (an article).

tropical-treehouse.com Jo Sheer's nice site about his building treehouses and the "hooch" with bamboo.

bamboobroker.com sells canes and furniture.

bamboocompetition.com features the winners of a bamboo design competition.

flickr.com features lots of photos of the construction of some impressive schools made with bamboo.

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