Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture is an exciting and important field, with many people reviving traditional methods of building and others creating innovations to established practices. Kelly Hart, webmaster of the popular website, posts text and photos featuring what he discovers from around the world.

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Name: Kelly Hart
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Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. He has also worked in various fields of communication media, including still photography, cinematography, animation, video production and now website development. Kelly has lived in an earthbag/papercrete home that he built (but is now mostly living in Mexico) and consults about sustainable building design.

November 26, 2007

Earthbag Building in Haiti

I spent several hours working on this project page:

I think it really is one of the best yet, because it shows the entire project from foundation to finish work on a simple home that would appeal to most people around the world; it was created by poor Haitians who had no prior experience; and it was done in a manner that I could easily recommend for others to follow. I think this really shows how earthbag building can really work for people throughout the world.

The house itself is a simple design (with some interest because it is an L shape) and was accomplished without any buttresses. Once finished it is nearly indistinguishable from their customary cement block homes, except that the walls are thicker...and it will be more comfortable to live in I am sure.

This home was built at Pwoje Espwa in Southern Haiti, where Father Marc has dedicated his life to serving and helping suffering children. This project not only houses over 700 children, but has an agricultural project, three schools, carpentry and masonry facilities, and an arts and crafts program. They have many ideas to help the Haitian economy and people living there. Because they are a non-profit, and are continuously struggling with funding, I encourage you to visit their website ( and consider making a donation to their cause.

November 02, 2007

Slide Show of Earthbag Building Projects

I am very pleased to announce that there is now an extensive slide show of earthbag building projects up at I spent several days selecting the best photos that I could find and formatting them to fluidly present a marvelous array of architectural styles and approaches to building with earthbags. There are already over sixty images assembled, and I expect to continue to enlarge the library over time.

The pictures are labeled so that if any of them attract further attention, the more detailed description of the project can be found on the projects page.

The pace of the slide show is controlled by the viewer by clicking on arrow buttons below the images, so one can browse as casually as one likes. This is a great way to become familiar with some of what is being created with earthbags. The photos depict both works in progress and completed projects.

So sit back and enjoy the show!