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calearth.org has many superadobe workshops scheduled for 2022, listed at this link.

A Bio-Architecture Primer with Scott Howard
Summer/Fall 2022
Four weekends, 3 online and 1 in person

Are you looking to build a natural structure in the near future? Consider joining Scott Howard at earthenhand.com for the Bioarchitecture Primer educational course! It is intended to prepare owner-builders to design radically efficient and beautiful structures that combine natural building and bioarchitecture (architecture that supports your life force energy). This will be a fun blend of design process and hands-on learning to prepare you to create your dream structure. Here's what you will learn: 1) Drawing, model making, and mock ups to develop your design concept. 2) Planning, and budgeting for a natural structure. 3) How sacred geometry and natural materials measurably affect the building's occupants. 4) How to source and process all the necessary materials for an all-natural structure. 5) How to position your building on the land in accordance with the forces at each locale. 6) The breadth of natural building methodologies available to you. 7) The historical uses of natural building materials around the world.

This course will give you the basics of designing with Cob, Rammed Earth, Earthbag, Straw/clay, Hempcrete, Timber-frame, Straw bales, Arches, Domes, Vaults, Passive solar, and more. The Bioarchitecture Primer class group will give you the opportunity to meet like minded people and network, sharing your designs as they take shape. The course will take place over seven (7) days during 2022 that our group will select collectively. Sessions will be recorded for future reference. The course will include in person classroom learning with hands-on training using 1/3 scale model cob buildings, as well as online classroom sessions. Building in miniature allows us to condense the learning process and achieve whole structures during the workshop. The models will also be used as play houses for kids!

Also included in the Bioarchitecture Primer is a two hour individual consulting session with Scott. These consultations about your specific design will help you hone in on the details of your vision and plan. Seven days of training plus 1-on-1 design assistance will give you the skills to move forward with your vision. Pricing for the Bioarchitecture Primer is a sliding scale to accommodate different income levels. (1000 - 1900 USD per person; BTC accepted.) Email Scott today to begin your registration. 7 students maximum per class. 

See earthenhand.com for more information.

Insulated Rammed Earth Workshops
August 1 - 6
Vernon, BC Canada

Learn to build high quality insulated rammed earth walls like a pro. You will learn:

  • Foundation construction
  • Material Selection
  • Mix quality control
  • Forming
  • Installation of electrical boxes and conduits
  • Insulated rammed earth methods
  • Wall and sample testing
  • Curing & sealing walls
Taught by Max Stadyk, an experienced RE builder with online support from Clifton Schooley ,another experienced rammed earth builder and designer.

See www.rammedearth.info for more information.

Online Natural Building Course
with Quail Springs
Begins August 8th

This Online Natural Building course will cover the basics of natural building, while also sharing the larger issues we face with our built environment, the changes that need to happen, and how to make those changes. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures that you can watch at your own pace, as well as live sessions, you will be guided through the basics of analyzing site soil, mixing and building with cob, and building a small project.

lead instructor, Sasha Rabin, has over 20 years of experience teaching hands-on natural building courses.  Although Natural Building is a very hands-on, tactile experience, we have created a curriculum that will allow you to be guided through the process of learning these techniques at your own pace, on your own site.  

See www.quailsprings.org for more information.

Learn to Build with Hempcrete
Sept. 7 - 11
Bremerton, WA

Learn essential natural building skills while working with a crew to cast the walls of the first permitted hempcrete residence in Kitsap County and one of the first in Washington State.

Hempcrete is an exciting carbon negative building material that is both very old and somewhat new. The primary component of hempcrete is a byproduct of hemp fiber production, once used to make clothes, rope, ship’s sails and even paper in early America.  This is mixed with lime to produce an building envelope with many fascinating properites. Hempcrete is earthquake, sound, mold and pest-resistant, fireproof, and creates a vapor barrier that regulates the interior temperature of a home.

We have invited Cameron McIntosh, former director of US Hemp Building Association, co-owner of Americhanvre, and co-author of the IRC codes for the new chapter on Hempcrete (on track to be adopted this Fall) to instruct us and guide us through this process.

Find out more about this rare opportunity and register at:   www.svarajasthan.net/hempcrete

Earthen Plasters and Floors
Sept. 12 - 16
Willits, CA

A great opportunity to develop your skills and understanding of earthen finishes, including:

• straw-clay base coat plasters for sculpting and protection

• endless variations of clay finish plasters for durability and beauty

• durable, water-resistant earthen floors

These techniques are suitable for natural buildings including straw bale and cob, as well for “eco-renovation” of conventional homes, where they can add natural beauty, thermal mass for increased energy efficiency, and health-enhancing moisture modulation. Plus, they are fun, artistic, and inexpensive!

Each day includes many hours of hands-on skill building, with an emphasis on proper tool use, recipe development and testing, and site organization for efficiency and flow. Learn to find, test, and ecologically harvest your own clay; how to choose the most appropriate finish option for your building project; how to prepare various wall surfaces to improve adhesion; and how to design your home to make the plasters last.

Instructors: Michael G. Smith, Sasha Rabin

See www.abuelagardens.com for more information.


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